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making news while chas advertising the north koreans. the attorney general back home in the united states dominating today's headlines with stunning news that the 9/11 hijackers are coming back to new york to stand trial, steps from the scene much their infamous crime. >> i'm confident in the ability of the courts to provide a fair trial just as they have for over 200 years. the alleged 9/11 conspirators will stand trial in the justice system before an impartial jury under long established rules and procedures. i would like to assure the american people that we will prosecute these cases vigorously and we will pursue the maximum punishment available. these were extraordinary crimes and so we will seek maximum penalties. >> geraldo: the decision to bring five terrorists to new york for a trial created a tsunami of comments from republicans. >> these people are qualified as terrorists around should not be tried in civil court and given the same rights and privileges that an american citizen should. >> this was not just another murder in the city of new york here. this was an act of war and
. >> i am looking at this from the threat that this poses to the united states. i think it is unwise for the president to move these individuals and these trials into a civilian court in new york city. trace: security concerns are not the only issue. consider the context for millions of americans who live and work in new york. this decision has profound and personal implications for them because this was their city that was attacked. it was their family and friends who died. while some of those most affected will no doubt lineup to seek justice exacted on those accused of the crime, others argue the suspects and should never be allowed to set foot anywhere near the sacred earth of ground zero, where so many lives were lost. jamie colby has more reaction from family members. first, catherine herridge as live in washington. what is the effect of trying these suspects in civilian court? >> thanks. prosecutors in new york must begin anew. charges must be brought, the motions and the hearings. the militant -- the military courts are now null and void. once transferred, the five men, inclu
as a citizen of the united states is just appalling. i think eric holder should have left them in guantanamo bay and be tried there. i lived in new york in 2000 and 2001. it was just terrible. for them to be tried in a federal court, it just speaks to this country to give people that do not ware uniforms, do not apply to the geneva convention to come to our country and then be given rights like a citizen. host: david, in this newspaper article, attorney general holder elected to proceed with the first u.s. criminal prosecution alleged to have been directly involved in the plot eight years ago that targeted the world trade center and pent he gone because of his full confidence in the successful outcome. tell us why you are not as convinced of the outcome? caller: i'm not confident because i believe that in our country, people are innocent until proven guilty. when you use water boarding and all these things they are trying to use against ournqq governmen why should a terrorist be given rights in our country. host: let's go to the democratic line. caller: i think they should be tried here. t
already slated to come to the united states. in fact, to come here to new york city because they are going to stand trial for the 9/11 attacks. among them, the self-proclaimed master mind, khalid shaikh mohammed. as you can imagine there are strong opinions whether his trial in civilian court works to his advantage. >> what we're kind of granting his wish. his wish was to be brought to new york and really makes no sense to me to be granting him his wish. he should be tried in a military tribunal. he is a war criminal. this was an act of war. >> the sheik, mohammed, wants to be considered a holy warrior, a jihadist, if we try him before military offices that image of a soldier will be portrayed by the islamic community. that's not the image we want. >> julie: we have the fox news team coverage of the latest developments. live in chicago, but first let's get to julie kirtz live in washington. so, julie, what are guiliani's main objections to the trials being held here in new york? >> yeah, he was pretty outraged. made a couple of points on fox news sunday. conducting trial in fork city will
helped the hijackers reach the united states, then sent them $120 thousand dollars for expenses and flight training. the suspects have been held for as long as 5 years-- at secret sites and at guantanamo-- and have been subjected to harsh interrogations. khalid sheikh mohammed was reportedly water-boarded 183 times in 2003 before the practice was banned. but at today's news conference, attorney general holder said he was sure of convictions. >> the reality is-- and i want to be as assuring as i can-- that, based on all of my experience and based on all of the recommendations and the great work and the research that has been done, that i am quite confident that the outcomes in these cases will be successful ones. >> reporter: and in japan, president obama said he believes the u.s. federal courts are up to the job. >> i am absolutely convinced that khalid sheik mohammad will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. the american people will insist on it and my administration will insist on it. >> reporter: the idea of bringing the detainees to the u.s. has already run in
you. >> it is and gentlemen, welcome to the chamber of commerce of the united states of america. my name is ron summers of the u.s.-india business council. for 34 years we have strived to advance u.s.-india commercial ties. today, what a historic event we have before us. more than ever, the business communities of both our countries are needed to provide an impetus to this important relationship. ladies and gentleman, please stand with me and help me welcome the individuals who are making this possible -- tom donahue, into a newly, ambassador chancre, and the hon. prime minister of india, dr. manmohan singh. [applause] >> thank you very much. good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. prime minister singh, ambassadors, distinguished guests, welcome to the united states chamber of commerce. mr. prime minister, we are delighted to be hosting you and your delegation today. we are certain you will have a productive visit to the united states. you are among friends. joining us today are some of the foremost business leaders in america and india. we extend a special welcome to the chair of the
, and because the united states started the battle in muslim countries. has sn accused of shooting and killing 13 people at ft. hood. s he is still in the hospital. >>> and president obama is in china. china financed massive sums of u.s. debt. part of the president's talks may include assurances those investments are safe. the president held a town hall meeting with college students in shanghai where he push for greater freedoming in china. >> we do not seek to impose any system of government on any other nation, but we also don't believe that the principles that we stand for are unique to our nation. these freedoms are expression and worship, are access to information and political participation, we believe, are universal rights and should be available to all people, including ethnic and religious minorities, whether they are in the united states, china or any nation. >> president obama will also visit china's great wall today. >>> and the obama administration says people trying to politicize the president's vow to japan's emperor and every pris are way, way off base. president obama greeted
a town hall meeting with chinese students. he pointed out the united states and china admit huge amounts of green house gases. >> unless both of our countries are willing to take critical steps in dealing with this issue, we will not be able to resolve it. >> reporter: the president also told the students he's a big supporter of noncensorship. china employs some of the tighter controls over what its citizens can access on the internet. >>> the governor of illinois is trying to sell a nearly empty prison. federal officials are scheduled to inspect the thompson correctional center. the illinois governor says the site is under consideration along with two others in colorado and montana. >>> five after the hour. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day on wall street. a good end in last week. >> very nice. we hope another wave of buying takes us higher this week. the dow rose 2 1/2% last week boosting the gain nurse the year to 17%. the dow is at 10270. after another rally pushed them up by 73 points on friday. the nasdaq add
. the president warns there is still a long way to go for a recovery in the united states. and a rocket looks a lot like a rocket from a generation ago. welcome to this week. a review of the major news stories seen here over the past seven days. pakistan and afghanistan share a border. they also share a deadly surge of terror. this week's attacks occurred in a busy market in pakistan. it was brought by a suicide bomber which killed more than 100 people and injured at least 200 more. hillary clinton was visiting the country. she pledged support against the militants. our reporter is at the scene of the attack. >> chaos and carnage. lives were destroyed. the city was on high alert but still the bomber got through. the location, this busy marketplace full of stores selling children's toys in women's jewelry. this is a likely target. my son died here, he said. locals tried to find survivors. then this. the bomber parked his car ride outside a holy place, a mosque. local people are trying to help the emergency services. they say the mosque took the full force of the blast which was brought to the
the fort hood attack does is strengthen the case of muslims in the united states in the arms forced. >> how many rotting catholics do we have killing people in the name of the pope. how many moore mans killing in the name of joseph smith. we don't. almost every single terrorist-style attack in the united states since 9/11 has had a muslim connection one way or another. >> when people read or hear things it stirs up hate. >> his blog got 30000,000 responses today alone. >>> we have the story we hind the youtube video shot at the national zoo that has gone global. it documents the fate of the deer that took a wrong turn and ended up in the den with the lions. scott bloom visited the photographer at his home >> reporter: a little camera. >> this is where the deer jumped through the people >> reporter: had made rob a citizen journalist with global reach. this is the video he got at the national zoo sunday and posted to youtube of the wrong-way deer that ended up in with the lions. >> everybody was freak out thinking a kid had fallen in the lion exhibit. all of a sudden out popped a deer head
responses came back from yemen to hasan in the united states. among the things he told the "the washington post," or actually told this interviewer that's reported in the "the washington post" that he in no way pressured or ordered hasan to carry out the acts that took place at fort hood, although, of course, he has said that after the fact he dogs appreciate and approve of what happened there, jon. jon: u.s. officials knew about these details and nothing was done. is anybody investigating the investigators here? >> it starts with the president who, of course, did order this administration review of all of the documents involving the investigation of hasan to find out who knew what and when and whether any signals were overlooked. the army may do the very same thing, have an internal review, take a hard look at itself it will be an independent review. we just don't know when. we expect it to be a imings of civilian and military personnel on that independent panel. and meantime, the fbi already has a similar internal probe underway by the inspector general at the fbi. jon? jon: what are we
. at the conclusion of this soundbite, you will hear for the first time the president of the united states warning of a double-dip recession in the united states. listen. >> there may be some tax provisions that can encourage businesses to hire sooner rather than sitting on the sidelines so we're taking a look at those. i think it is important, though, to recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession. brian: i think it also shows his impatience with the fact that the hiring is not coming back as quick. the unemployment number is higher than anyone projected. and on top of that he's saying, look, i see the polls, i see what happened two weeks ago. america is concerned about our national credit card. member deficits don't matter. clearly it does matter. gretchen: in both virginia and new jersey both of those states went to republican governors. the number one concern from voters at the exit polls was the economy by a huge margin so a lo
the time, and that does not necessarily happen easily for business in the united states in my experience. >> in the current economic climate, structured networking is crucial. >> the headhunter route does not work. you need to network. you need to talk to more people. >> and you need to hone your elevator speech, the 30 seconds or so you have to spark some was interested in you. >> my elevator speech? i have been in asia for 17 years. >> i'm australian, and i graduated in journalism and business last year. >> and a positive element manager. >> i.t. is our core competency. >> i have been in public relations for 12 years, and i'm really looking to go back into the industry. >> so they have adjusted their expectations and tactics, but they have not given up hope that the right job is out there. martha: they are polishing their elevator speech skills, something we should probably all do. thank you very much. trace: families everywhere are planning thanksgiving, but things may be a little tricky in the palin house this year. here is what she had to say during an interview with oprah. >> one f
weapons and also nuclear weapons between russia and the united states. the treaty will expire and they want to reach an agreement before the december 5th deadline. they may of to talk about an umbrella agreement so they can create a new treaty to reduce stock piles in both countries. >> gregg: hundreds of protestors taking to the streets in seoul, south korea. demonstrators are angry about their government's plan to redispatch troops to afghanistan. that plan still needs to be plafd by the national assembly. south korea with crew 200 army medics and technicians two years ago. more demonstrations are planned to president obama's upcoming visit. >> julie: this week the nation has honored people but they are taking things to another level. they have teamed up to promote the wounded warrior project that helps injured soldiers. they were sporting special designs, camouflaged uniforms. live in columbia, south korea. so a big honor for people. what else are the south korea doing to salute the wounded warriors. >> they are wearing camouflage on the jerseys and camouflaged cleats that
the students that the united states and china should not be adversaries but instead allies any mutually beneficial relationship j the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome china as a strong and prosperous an successful member. the community of nations, a china that draws on the rights, strengths and creativity of vim chinese like you. >> the president said, quote, more is gained when great powers cooperate than when they collide. tomorrow, mr. obama heads to beijing to meet with the chinese president. >>> the obama administering has its eye on an illinois prisons for a possible on for terrorism suspects being moved from guantanamo bay. officials say the thompson correctional center, about 150 miles west of chicago, is just one of the options they are considering. the defense department would lease a portion to house fewer than 100 guantanamo detapeees. a white house official said security would be ong the tightest in the country but republican lawmakers question bridging suspected terrorists to u.s. soil while the country is still at w
-presidential spot in the united states, that's the nugget? >> we're talking about and it's the most salacious point. >> that's why i'm suppose today watch? >> why people buy people magazine. >> this is somebody who could be, could be the president of the united states, that's the one thing we're going to latch on to? >> and of course, the lead by johnson and-- >> i'm sure they'll release a lot of stuff. >> maybe i'm crazy. >> sells magazines. all right, in the meantime, could a technicality keep the master mind, the allegedly so-called master mind of 9/11 attacks from facing justice? we're going to have the scoop on that. >> plus, victims of bernie madoff are finally getting a little payback. stay with fox for a fair and balanced coverage of that. you want to buy madoff paraphernalia? ♪ wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> i had access that
to call on north korea to put an end to its nuclear weapons programs or face tough action from the united states and its allies. >>> prosecutors wanted harsh punishment for former congressman william jefferson. coming up, find out if they got their wish. five dollars for a sub! but no drink? no chips? and no chance to win madden nfl 10? man, that's roughing the wallet. now this is the total package. two pieces of kentucky grilled chicken, a side, biscuit, and a madden nfl cup. you catch all that? you know i did. colonel -- i'm a fan. still think a $5 sub is a gre deal? get the $5 madden nfl box. choose from 6 kfc favorites... with a side and a madden nfl cup. now i'm a full back. unthink... and taste the unsub side of kfc. >> he once sat on capitol hill making decisions that affect our country. now, william jefferson sits in a jail cell. >> it just came in a short time ago. congressman jefferson will be going to prison, but for pure years and prosecutors had requested. congressman jefferson and his lawyers tried to argue that the bribes he was convicted of accepting were part of his side
in the united states. there is the platform the presidential seal will be placed their shortly. the fbi and army and texas rangers continue to gather information on the attack. nidal malik hasan allegedly opened fire with two handgunsri deployment overseas. how will victims are honored today? >> reporter: we'll hear a roll call for victims and president barack obama in his remarks today will honor each victim individually and other speakers today include lieutenant general cone and also general george casey. they'll be speaking. part of this memorial service today if we look inside you can see where the stage is set up. there's a large american flag draped in front of the building. people had been coming in. security is very tight, chuck. they have erected these storage containers around the perimeter of the field so that they can check every person coming in and they describe the security as like when you go through an airport screener. that certainly is at a premium right now even though this is a military installation because the president is here and other top officials are here. they want t
the united states. five of those men will be tried in the civilian courthouse just blocks from the site of the world trade center. they include khalil lead sheik mohammad who has already admitted to investigators that he was the mastermind of those september 11th attacks. the other five will be tried in military commissions across the united states. >>> the man who's been in charge of how to close the guantanamo bay facility is stepping down. greg craig announced his resignation this morning. he is planning to return to private law practice in january. they say craig is a trusted adviser to the president and his departure has nothing to do with delays in closing guantanamo. >>> john allen muhammad's family is planning for a funeral this tuesday in baton baton rouge, louisiana. today the son of the man executed for the 2002 sniper shootings in our area spoke out about his dad. 27-year-old lindbergh williams says he and his father did not talk about the killings on the day he was executed but instead reminisced about old times. he was put to death this past tuesday. >>> tonight the u.s. s
to their final fate. but it also comes with serious backlash. the united states, which the attorney general saw coming. take a listen. >> i can give people will in a neutral and detached way look at the decision made today and understand the reasons why i made those decisions and try to do something rare in washington, leave politics out of it and focus on the best interest of the country, i think criticism will be relatively muted. having said that, i am sure we will hear a lot of criticism. gregg: it is not muted. the administration is already hearing a lot of criticism. predecessor michael mukasey, a former federal judge talked about it. >> dealing with the decision to bring these detainees here, a decision i consider to not the only unwise but in fact based on a refusal to face the fact of what we are involved with here, a war with people who follow a religious based ideology calling on them to kill us. gregg: the former attorney general is clearly not a fan of today's decision. the civil liberties union is calling it a victory for the rule of law. either way, general holder says he is conf
program that the united states is currently pursuing is one that is on an unsustainable trajectory. >> reporter: the president has yet to decide whether to ask congress for more money and continue with the ares 1 on a return lunar mission. but for many space enthusiasts finding water has only whet the appetite for a return trip to the moon. so where did all this water come from? possibly from comets pounding the moon over and over again. and if that's the truth, then all that water and all that ice might hold secrets to the history of the solar system. in the words of one nasa scientist, "this ain't your father's moon." brian? >> tom costello with a lot of water next to him in washington starting us off on a friday night. tom, thanks. >>> more new numbers on swine flu out tonight from the centers for disease control. flu deaths in children in this country surged last week to 35. that's just in the space of seven days. it's the highest number since the cdc started keeping track. the h1n1 swine flu now reported widespread in almost the entire country. 46 out of 50 states. there is so
hundreds of millions in china, mexico, south korea, not bringing jobs right now to the united states. gregg: let's make a commercial for general motors. we are not as bad as we used to be. >> it is a good slogan. gregg: jonathan hunt, thank you. an incredibly gruesome discovery in the search for missing 5- year-old. it has been confirmed, they have found the body of shaniya davis. what does this mean for the girl's already criminally charged mother? gregg: continuing coverage of our top story, detainees in guantanamo bay could soon be heading to illinois. there is a new poll on the shep page. we are going to get a lot of people saying no, but a few are saying yes. we will update that for you throughout the newscast. our senior judicial analyst will be joining us on this very topic in 20 minutes. authorities in north carolina say that they have indeed found the body of a missing 5-year-old girl. take a look at this. this is a photograph of a child, shaniya davis. a beautiful little girl. her own mother reportedly notify the cops that she was missing about one week ago. she lived in fayettevi
to go to their deaths at the hands of the united states and they won't cause all this ruckus in the system. prosecutors are counting on that to some degree. but they will have stand-by lawyers to raise some of issues, such as, after being wat waterboarded 183 times in a month, are you in your right mind to plead guilty? >> many tricky legal problems and a trial, as we say, going to get a lot of attention. all right, terry moran, thank you. >>> and today's decision will be the subject on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. among the guests, secretary of state hillary clinton and rudy giuliani. >>> former louisiana congress man william jefferson has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for his conviction on federal bribery charges. $90,000 wrapped in foil was found in jefferson's freezer, part of the half million dollars prosecutors say he used for using his influence to broker business deals in africa. >>> along the atlanta seaboard of the united states tonight, residents are dealing with an unwelcome visitor who won't go away. the remnants of tropical storm ida have broug
. the president essentially said that the united states welcomes china playing a greater role on the international stage in terms the global economy. with that comes greater responsibilities. here is how essentially the president broke down the relationship between the u.s. and china. >> we meet here at a time when the relationship between the united states and china has never been more important to our collective future. >> never more important. so president hu said that the u.s. and china would work more closely on macroeconomic issues. financial policies and that sort of thing. which obviously is of interest to the united states. we will see how that all plays out. alisyn. alisyn: mike, what about iran? did that issue come up? any progress there. >> it did come up. and president obama was pretty firm in saying that if iran continued to thumb its nose at the world community in terms of its nuclear weapons programs, that there would be consequences but president hu was noncommittal about that. and that has to be troubling to the united states. president hu obviously has incredible influence over
powers and developing nations of the asia pacific. to meet these common challenges, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> also while he's in singapore, he'll talk with russia's president about the nuclear agreement which expires next month. >>> increased fighting in afghanistan is hurting morale with u.s. soldiers. in contrast, two battlefield surveys found morale is up among soldiers in iraq because combat there is decreasing. the survey is indicating suicide have jumped across the board. the army is working to get more mental health workers to help soldiers cope with depression. this comes as president obama considers sending more troops to afghanistan. >>> police have arrested a sixth member of a missouri family accused of sexually abusing kids for years. 3 % them wthe en % >>> some strong reactions out there about the decision to bring the 9/11-related trial to new york. attorney general eric holder said yesterday, five suspects with alleged ties to the attacks will be try in a civilian court in manhatta
accused of these type of crimes deserves a trial like you or i might. >> caller: this is the united states. we was afraid one time and 9/11 happened. there's no reason -- yes, there is reasons out there for concern but this is the united states. the world is looking at us for examples. we got troops overseas giving their lives. just like the president said. give us the opportunity to exact our justice on these people. >> john, thank you for your phone call. i appreciate it. got an e-mail from kathy in michigan. this is what they said. that's a good discussion back and forth there. heidi says -- great discussion going on. we want to continue to talk about this. what do you think about the 9/11 suspects being tried in new york specifically in civilian courts? do you think this is the right path or not the right thing to do? e-mail us at you can also pick up the phone and call and chat like we did there. you can text us at hlntv. >>> the fbi says a mom came up with a desperate solution to money problems. >>> check this out. a mansion up in flames outside of phoenix. the fire brok
in the united states since fleeing the country in 1978 after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. >>> we will head to jerusalem now where prime minister netanyahu is proposing a ten-month seize on construction. the plan is an attempt to sa restart the peace talks. it wouldn't include jerusalem the holy city claimed by palestinians for a future capital. >>> tokyo, robots of all shapes, sizes and functions on display today in tokyo at the international robot exhibition. one of the stars of the show is the omni zero 1,000. it looks like a transformer robot and can walk, turn itself into a car and is strong enough to lift a grown man over its head. >> nice. that guy sat down on one of them. he sat down. >> i missed t rerack it. >>> are climate change researchers really hiding evidence about global warming? a live report on a new controversy involving stolen memos and the politics of science. >>> plus, going to take you inside the glitz and the glamour of president obama's first state dinner. you are watching "the big picture," only on msnbc. pie reql the ability to gracefull
that this is not an open- ended commitment by the united states. jon: and he has concerns about president karzai? >> the newly reelected president of afghanistan, yes, the president wants to know that karzai is ready to take over security for his country and root of corruption, even if it is in his own government. he wants evidence that things will improve. and this falls reports that the u.s. ambassador -- follows reports that the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan sent cables to washington and voicing concerns about sending more troops before the afghan government cleans up its act. jon: when do we expect an announcement? >> this decision about troop levels, right. not while he is overseas in asia. he is due back in washington november 19, one week before thanksgiving. he may make an announcement. we are not sure. but we know it may not be -- will not be well he is in asia -- will not be while he is in asia. jane: the flu vaccine is still difficult to get, and the death toll is higher than initially estimated. also, harris is watching the pictures out of boston. at least three are hurt after scaff
this -- a lawless region in pakistan filled with people that caused a grave danger to us in the united states. we are taking you in sight of this terrorist strongholds. we have brand-new other kind -- undercover tape of acorn today. this film maker says that this video is different from all the others. we are just a few minutes away from the announcement from eric holder and what the government plans to do about the people that got us into this financial mess. we will take that live as soon as it begins. jon: workers are right now removing a crane from my house. harris faulkner knows why. >> i cannot tell you exactly why because i do not know what made it fell over -- fall over in the first place, but we are guessing that the tree was in the front yard, they were trying to remove it with a crane, but the tree was too big for the crane. you would think that they would do some physics before starting in on this. as the truck tipped over it turned in the direction of the house and kerplunk. look at the damage off to the side. the good news is that no one was hurt. they had people from the reliable g
had nothing to do do with the president of the united states. >> reporter: these may be regional races, but they're certain to draw national interest. the party that raks up the most wins tuesday, could carry the most momentum going into next year's midterm elections when the stakes are even higher. so just how high are the stakes in 2010? 37 governorship, more than a third of the at some and every seat in the u.s. house of representatives. michelle? >> all right, whitd johnson in washington, thanks. >>> this morning a man hunt is under way in north carolina and virginia for a suspect wanted for killing pour men. police say mar companies chavez gonzalez is possibly armed with an assault rifle, he's wanted for shooting four men in the parking lot of a television store in mount airy near the virginia border. police say yesterday's shooting was not random. >>> this morning cleveland police are trying to sort out a gruesome discovery at the home of a convicted rapist. the decomposed bodies of six women were discovered at the home of anthony sowell. at least five of the women had been stran
, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> while in singapore, he plans to meet with the russian president as well. >>> there is strong reaction to bringing a 9/11 trial to new york city. there was a decision to be tried in civilian court. the suspects include cleed shake moham -- khalid sheikh mohammed. members are sharply divided over the prospect of a civilian trial. >> to bring it back here it is tasteless, insensitive and those scars which have never been healed are going be opened again. i am not comfort wbl this call. >> i think it speaks to the heart of who we are, not only as new yorkers but as american citizens. if a crime is committed on our oil, you will be given a trial, you will be given access to an attorney. >> it is not just the families of the 9/11 victims sharply divided over the idea of a civilian trial. some say it is dangerous because any evidence obtained against the defendant under duress cannot be used in trial. >> i do not understand why a war criminal should be able to have the sam
in the coming weeks. >> what about trade? is there any movement so far? has the united states delegation been able to iron anything out on that front? >> reporter: no, it hasn't. it's really a curious clash of rhetoric with reality. the president in his speech in japan yesterday talked about u.s. advocacy, or trade throughout this entire region. but there is a pending free trade agreement in america right now with south korea. it was negotiated in june of 2007. it's been sitting there waiting for action. the last two of the bush administration, well into the first year of the obama administration, it would be the biggest free trade agreement the united states has with any other nation since nafta. it would add u.s. trade representatives ten to $12 billion to the gdp. but because the obama administration wants more access for the u.s. auto makers, south koreans aren't high on that. that agreement is stalled and there has been no efforts here, no visible effort for the obama administration to bring the two nations any closer on that free trade pact. others could commence and follow after that.
, there are no activities, illegal activities going on that threatens the united states. i don't see a reason that -- there is no legitimate reason to close down the place. >> we are here to worship our creator. that's all. >> reporter: the council on american islamic relation says the rare move to seize this mosque and three others in the country raises questions about first amendment rights. >> we are concerned about the chilling effect that the seizure of houses of worship could have on the religious freedom of all americans, whether you're muslim, christian or jewish. >> reporter: the center was established in 1981 and run directly by the alavi foundation. in 1998, the iec re-established itself as an independent, nonprofit ganization. >> people are coming here for prayers. they need to go after the people who are doing something which is not right, but they should not be closing an institution like this. >> reporter: prosecutors say at this point there are no allegations that any tenants of these properties have done anything wrong. they are targeting 100 acres of property out in prince w
? >> with all due respect, yes. >> have you thought about running for president of the united states in 2012, have you thought about it? >> it's not on my radar screen right now. >> in n "the washington post" absent news poll, 60% say palin isn't qualified to be president. he book is already a bestseller. >>> convicted ponzi schem bernie madoff'sropertys ctioneoff in f uderdale. they are auctioning "the bull" a 55-foot custom yacht, "sitting bull" and "little bl in. "and a mercedes-benz convertible,ll once own by the now-imprisoned financeyear. much of his personal property auctioned off saturday. money goes to the victims of his ponzi scheme. >>> a lot of folks getti a lot of goods there. just ahead on news4 at 4:0 news your health. >> what expecting moms need to know about premature births. >> brad pittnd angelina jolie are going into a new business. >> nasaaking steps to ensure the sp shuttle's return home >>> nasa is doing a once-over o the space shuttle "atlantis." astronauts are checking out the thermal shielding. nasa says the shuttle wasn't damaged during yesterday's launch, but they
's box of legal challenges. >> the united states is also going to be on trial. any prosecution of khalid shaikh mohammed is going to inevitably bring up controversial practices by the u.s. government, including the most controversial, detention and interrogation techniques. >> reporter: then, there's the question of security. >> the city in large will then become the focus for mischief in the form of murder. >> reporter: but new york's police commissioner says authorities are ready. >> i think this is highly appropriate that they be tried here. we certainly can handle it. >> reporter: sources tell us that the security in new york will be extraordinary. but they admit no one knows how khalid shaikh mohammed will react, so close to ground zero. bill? >> pierre thomas from shington. >>> of course, this has sparked all kinds of passionate response on both sides of the issue. and texas congressman, lamar smith, a republican on the house judiciary committee, is among those objecting to the move in outrage. he joins us this morning. congressman, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you.
challenge and developing nations of the asian pacific. to meet these common challenges, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> president obama met with the japanese emperor. in singapore, he's expected to talk to russia's president about replacing the nuclear agreement which is expiring next month. >>> increased fighting in afghanistan is hurting morale among u.s. soldiers there. in contrast, two battlefield surveys found morale is up among soldiers in iraq because combat there is decreasing. the surveys indicate suicide have jumped across the board. the army says it is working to get more mental health workers to help soldiers cope with the depression. president obama plans to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> police arrested a sixth member of a missouri family accused of sexually abusing kids for years. derek mohler was found in florida where he lives. his brother and and others were arrested tuesday. six alleged victims who are now adults told investigators the suspects sexually abused them when they were ch
of justice says at any given time up to 300,000 children in the united states are at risk for being sold into sexual slavery. throw away kids, runaways. the young kids running around the streets, say, why aren't they in school? those are the kids who end up in sexual servitude and it's a real, real problem. >> it's also a billion dollar business in some countries. in thailand, specifically, it's a billion dollar business. >> it is. >> what's being done by the fbi and the cia in this country? >> there are a host of laws on the state level and the federal level. part of the problem is coming out of denial and realizing people do go to children for sex. businessmen, people -- the last people you'd think of are the ones who go over to thailand and are using children for sex. they're trying to get away with behavior they don't think they can get away with in the united states. as we're seeing in cases like this, there are allegations this is also happening in the united states. >> uh-huh. michelle, do you think that this is such a horrific thing for americans to even look at and that's one of
people across the united states will see their benefits expire in january. unless congress moves quickly on this. jennifer westhoven is here to talk about it. >> it was supposed to mean 20 more weeks of benefits, but it's all part of a bigger law that expires on december 31st. it looks like lawmakers missed that, so unless congress moves fast, technically everything runs out on january 1st, and of course, we know the timing would be awful. a non-profit group says that is about a million people who would be without a job, without any assistance, basically left in the worst job market in about 25 years. 10% unemployment. one expert told cnn recently, you've got about as much chance of landing a job right now as a kid does getting into harvard. that's depressing. lawmakers are working on it. >> thanks a lot. >>> stay with us this morning. we'll bring you live coverage of a space walk at the international space station. nasa says astronauts are going to install a spare antenna and new cables. it would be the first of three space walks we'll be watching for you, and the first one for dr. nass
. north korea's nuclear program a big concern for the united states and other allied asian powers. a big priority is getting north korea back to the negotiating table in those six-way talks before leaving china. the president took a little stroll. not an easy stroll, on the great wall. climbed part of it and called the wall absolutely spectacular. >>> right now live, attorney general eric holder testifying before the senate judiciary committee. he's going to be asked tough questions. he's going to be talking about his decision to put the professed september 11th mastermind and four our suspects on trial in new york city. critics have said the move will give khaled sheikh mohammed a stake and saying they can control unruly defendants. were we'll listen to that and get you highlights. stay with us in the next hour. holiday travel already more expensive, if you've been watching because the surcharges. the airline have added those on during the busiest days. the surcharges aren't going anywhere, even after the holidays end. jennifer westhoven is looking out for you and i know is a little fru
, they would do it, regardless of if they're in guantanamo or right here in the united states. if they want to do something, they're going to do it anyway. >> herb, thank you for your phone call. got a lot of comments already on this topic on my facebook page. we read your comments. my producer is reading your comments right now. here's some that we have for you. dan wrote this, sure, why not? meaning trying them in new york city. he says having them looking into -- have them looking into the eyes of the people they were potentially trying to kill, i think it is as good a place as any to do it. nina says, no, leave they are where they are. if you bring them to the united states, do you honestly think they will not do another attack on us just to set them free? so she has some safety concerns other people were talking about on the page as well. chris writes this: i look at this differently. as long as these terrorists are locked up, who cares if it's gitmo or new york? i say it's a good thing to have them close so we can keep an eye on them. so keep talking about this. do you think trying th
that the united states army would be concerned about the sensitivity of one major at the peril of the 13 who have lost their lives. i think what we're going to find out and we really do have to wait until this investigation is done that we probably had a serious failure here of intelligence communities communicating with the united states army in the way that they should. now, i'm not suggesting that this individual didn't harbor some very serious problems mentally. i'm not suggesting even that the people who are in that room that, you know, you just spoke of. remember, they did report this. these weren't people who sat passively by. they did report it, but we do have a constitution and keep in mind this is an american-born citizen and you heard the f.b.i. report before we came on. our concern was not to violate his constitutional rights. bill: catherine herridge reported, "we would have been crucified because the male suggested he was looking for spiritual, religious guidance." >> and the constitutional right. remember, that's a key part of what was -- that was a key part of that report. bill: t
. -- he kept a diary at gitmo. jane: he is educated in the united states. will he have a lawyer? will he potentially access his own? -- act as his own? >> he will do whatever he can to use the trial as a platform for spewing his hatred. it's getting a lawyer helps them do that, you will accept a lawyer. my guess is that he will take a lawyer for a while and then he will reject the lawyer so he can have access to the intelligence, and try to exploit that. jane: what are the possibilities? what are the possibilities that he please tell the and all this debate and controversy is for naught? >> think like him for a second. it would be possible that he could go in and plead guilty. my sense is that he does want it over with, but my guess is that he will try to drag it out. you will use every opportunity of the trial -- he will use every opportunity of the trial to drag out and put himself in perpetuity of theut there. jane: people do not understand why. if we have the option of a military tribunal, why put it in civilian courts? i will play a sound bite of senator patrick leahy. >> i think it
is the top crop grown in the united states. it's used in everything from breakfast cereal to toothpaste to shoe polish, even ethanol. >>> you probably already know, americans are fatter than ever. but one woman is hoping to motivate other people by making her own struggle against obesity very public. ruby gettinger is today's breakthrough woman. >> i've been overweight since i was 13. at one point in my life, i weighed as much as 716 pounds and everything started going downhill. the doctor told me, you're going to die if you don't start doing something about this. >> ruby gettinger decided to fight for her life by eating healthy and getting fit. her journey is being documented on "ruby." >> watching her eat healthy and exercise kind of helps me do the same. and because of ruby, i've lost 29 pounds. >> they say i inspired them, but every time i hear their story, it inspires me. >> reporter: getting her personal diary published, she also formed a fitness support group called ruby's walk across america. >> the people that are traveling this road with me tell me they've lost 80-something po
's republic of china, the united states supports the early resumption of dialogue bween the chinese government and representatives of the dalai lama. >> reporter: in a candor that has not always mark ed relation, both presidents admitted they will sometimes disagree. ann compton, abc news with the president in beijing. >>> the army plans to launch its own investigation into whether red flags about major nidal hasan were ignored before the ft. hood shootings. the "wall street journal" reports the probe will look at the six years hasan spent at walter reed medil center. investigators say in the days before the shooting hasan practiced shooting more than 200 rounds at a firing range near ft. hood. >> he seemed like he was new at it. what some of the basic concepts down but hadn't been doing it for a very long time. >> this is the final hurrah for him. he knows he's going to die or he hopes he will do i that day. >> lawmakers in congress plan to investigate signs of missed clues in the case on thursday. >>> in north carolina last night a vigil for a missing child became a vigil mourning her death.
in the united states at these town hall meetings. >> reporter: in front of a carefully prepared aience with questions, he answered everything from nobel peace prize to his family. he did press one thing on access to the internet. >> i can tell you in the united states, the fact that we have free internet or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength. and i think should be encouraged. >> reporter: and here has been some openness about the president's visit here. newspaper headlines trumpet his arrival and the fact that the chineseven allowed a carefully monitored town hall meeting can be seen as progress. but the president was careful not to press too hard. china is the nation's largest creditor. we owe them ndreds of billions of dollars. and despite criticism that they manipulation their currency, he was quick to say the two country's fates are interconnected. >> we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary we welcome china as a strong and prosperous member of the community of nations. >> reporter: the chinese government is only taking things so far. a number of ch
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